The Red Pyramid

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The Red Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur, also called the North Pyramid, is the largest of the pyramids located in the Dahshur necropolis in Cairo, Egypt. The Red Pyramid of "King Sneferu" is the third largest pyramid in Egypt after the pyramids of his son Cheops and his grandson Chephren , but it is the oldest and most successful after the failed experience of the Rhomboid Pyramid.

The Rhomboid Pyramid was probably the first one designed from the beginning to be a true pyramid with smooth sides. The rhomboid pyramid of Sneferu was probably the first or second of the pyramids of Sneferu, depending on who built the middle pyramid. Pharaoh Sneferu was the founder of the Fourth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom.

His reign was marked by expansion into foreign trade, the dispatch of disciplinary campaigns and mining campaigns, and he achieved with his engineer and adviser Imhotep the complete pyramid shape, where he built several pyramids which remain to this day. 

The rhombic pyramid was almost certainly built before its other one at Dahshur, the Red Pyramid. The rhomboid pyramid is also sometimes called a false or beveled pyramid. The ancient Egyptians called it "Snefru Shines - South (pyramid)".

The Red Pyramid is one of the tallest and most important pyramids in Dahshur; because it is the first pyramid to take on a complete hierarchical form and named for the rusty reddish hue of its red limestones.

The Red Pyramid was not red. It was once lined with white limestone brought from Tura, but now only a few of these stones remain at the base of the pyramid, at the corner. During the Middle Ages much of the white Tura limestone was taken for buildings in Cairo, revealing the underlying red limestone.

Snefru managed to build a complete pyramid after several attempts that we can say had failed. He built a pyramid in the city of "Meidum" and it collapsed after its construction and tried again when he built a pyramid in Dahshur, which is called a broken pyramid or a dent. This geometric flaw affected him and he did not take on the shape of a true pyramid.

The height of that pyramid is 105 meters. The engineers of the Red Pyramid learned from their past mistakes in Dahshur and Meidum, so this pyramid was the first real pyramid in Egypt, and the locals called it the Pyramid of Bats, and this pyramid was the tallest stone building of the world at the time of its construction.


The entrance to the Red Pyramid

The entrance is on the north side of the pyramid and rises 20 meters above the surface of the earth, and upon entering the pyramid we find a sloping corridor for a distance of 60 meters down to ground level, and this passage takes us to another corridor horizontally. This corridor takes us to a room with a ceiling height of more than 10 meters.

At the end of the first room is another corridor that takes us to the second chamber that looks like the first room, and what distinguishes that room is that it is located directly in the center of the pyramid, and the entrance to the corridor that leads to the burial chamber rises 8 meters above the ground surface on the south side of this room.

The characteristic high ceiling where some wooden stairs have been installed in the corridor leading to the burial chamber, and this is how visitors can go up this corridor. Though Snephros built the red pyramid,he was not buried in any of the burial chambers here as they were all unused. The floor of this room was completely destroyed long ago by grave robbers.

Some of us believed that there are no pyramids except the three famous "pyramids of Giza", but based on the hadith of Dr. Zahi Hawass he said that the pyramids of Egypt, which have been discovered so far, exceed 124 pyramids, and there are many under the sand and still undiscovered until now.


Where is it exactly?

Approximately 30 minutes from downtown Cairo and 15 minutes from the 3 Pyramids of Giza, the Red Pyramid is easily located by road and is surrounded by a green belt and local villages.


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