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The Egyptian pyramids, or as the pyramids of Giza are called, are among the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, and they are also one of the most important historical and cultural symbols that have made this ancient republic one of the most important tourist destinations in the whole world 

Information on the Pyramid of Chephren, Giza Necropolis

The Pyramid of Khafre is one of the three largest Egyptian pyramids both worldwide and in Egypt and is called the Pyramid of Khafre or Khafre. The pyramid was built by the 4th ruler of the 4th dynasty after the construction of the Cheops pyramid on an area of 215 square meters; he was the successor of Cheops. 

The height of the pyramid of Chephren was 143 meters, however after a long time it was decreased up to 136 meters due to erosion factors. Although it is smaller in size and lower in height than the Cheops pyramid, it appears taller (from a distance) than it. Because it was built at a higher height than it was built at.

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used approximately more than 2.3 million large blocks of red granite weighing 2.5 tons each. This was the tallest pyramid for 3871 years and was less tall than its father's pyramid.

Pyramid of Khafre

The top of the pyramid is covered with a layer of white Tura limestone, while the bottom of the pyramid is covered with a layer of granite. It is the second largest pyramid in Giza and in the whole of Egypt and was built in honor of Khafre, the third pharaoh of the fourth dynasty during the Old Kingdom period, around 2540 BC

Khafre, also known by the Greek name of Chefren, was the son of Cheops and grandson of Snefru, another fundamental name in Ancient Egyptian architecture. Khafre lived during the Golden Age of the Old Kingdom. The pyramids built by him and his family were the most majestic in the history of Egypt, and one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind.

Pyramid of Chephren - Egyptian art of the pharaohs

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs wrote such a great history and civilization that it was respected and studied by archaeologists thanks to their construction of the Egyptian pyramids and the sphinx . The pyramids and the sphinx are called  the Giza Necropolis and surely the Pyramids is an always visited destination by tourists and travelers to Egypt to admire the wonderful ancient pharaonic civilization.

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Chephren pyramid structure and history

His father, Khufu , is credited with a more refined design of the pyramids and with building the largest ever built in the ancient world. The pyramid of Chephren is smaller and lacks some of the precious stonework with which the pyramid of Snefru was adorned, which suggests some first signs of decline in the era of the fourth dynasty.

However, Chephren made significant expansions for the Giza Necropolis, among these he is also credited with the gigantic statue of the Great Sphinx, at least as famous as the pyramids, which represents the garrison at the funeral site of Giza.

The statue is located near the Valley of the Temples, in relation to the Pyramid of Chephren and a large statue of the pharaoh, found thanks to some archaeological excavations near the Sphinx.

The Mysteries of Khafre

The king, called "Chefren or Chofran "ruled Egypt twenty six years between the years (2559 - 2535 ) and married the princess Maras Ankh, which is mentioned in historical sources that she was buried in a large cemetery near his tomb.

Khafre was a pharaoh of the fourth family and built the pyramid of Khafre which has the same architectural beauty as the pyramid of Cheops. The design of this pyramid is different from the rest of the other Egyptian pyramids, as most Egyptian pyramids contain hidden entrances that do not appear to onlookers.

As for the pyramid of Khafre, it was designed differently, as it contains two visible entrances that lead to the burial chamber inside the pyramid, which contains the tomb of King Khafre.

What can I find inside the pyramid of Khafre?

It is the most common and frequent question of readers who are always looking for information on the pyramids in general and above all the pyramid of Chephren and want to know what they can find inside that pyramid. The pyramid is located southwest of his father's pyramid and has 2 entrances from the northern part.

Inside the pyramid is a room called the burial room but when it was discovered, it was empty. Till this moment the Khafre pyramid is the only one that is covered from the top and there are so many other things inside the pyramid to discover.

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The importance of the pyramid of Khafre

The importance of building the pyramid of Khafre comes from the importance of building all the Egyptian pyramids, as the ancient Egyptian kings used to build some pyramids to be their tombs after their death.

The restoration that is carried out inside the pyramid of Cheops

Recently the ministry of tourism has started to restore and optimize the construction of the pyramid by extracting salts and monitoring the temperature inside the pyramid and the humidity by placing devices to absorb humidity. They are also trying to strengthen the stones and fix the color grades within the pyramid.

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