Hall of Mummies in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

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Who among us had not wanted to visit the Egyptian museum in Cairo before or at least did an internet search first to know the history of the Egyptian museum and why it was built and what is inside the Egyptian museum?

And what is the hall of mummies in the Egyptian museum in Cairo and the story of Tutankhamun 's tomb however most of the content of this article will be concentrated on the hall of mummies and some secrets to know regarding this department.

If you intend to organize a special visit to the Egyptian museum in Cairo which is located in Tahrir square, do not forget to enter the hall of mummies.

Unfortunately in the present time the mummy hall was closed because the director of the egyptian museum on June 21, 2019 announced that there is a large number of the mummies will be transferred to the grand egyptian museum or its called (the new egyptian museum) including 22 royal mummies (18 mummies for kings and 4 for queens and 17 royal coffins that were during the 17,18,19,20 dynasty.

The mummification process was complex and expensive, a domain of knowledge of the priests: the various embalming methods required a period of about 70 days, in which the dehydration of the body was followed by the removal of the organs and various other treatments and rituals. 

This is why the hall of mummies in the Cairo museum is considered an authentic proof of the skill and the unmissable science and intelligence of our ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Before entering the hall of mummies at the Egyptian museum in Cairo don't forget to take a big breath because you will find the mummies of our ancient Egyptian pharaohs from ancient Egypt mummified and placed in a glass plate and have been lying and dead for thousands of years.

In front of each mummy is a note written in English and Arabic which tells the story and life and secret of the mummified Pharaoh

Egyptian Museum in Cairo - Opening times, prices and location

The Egyptian Museum houses a large number of a collection of ancient archaeological finds which were placed first by auguste mariette, he is a French archaeologist in the period of Ismail Basha and you can find the mummy halls and the statue of Ramses ii and the tomb of Tutankhamun.

You have to wake up early because the Egyptian museum opens at 9 in the morning and you have to pay the value of an entrance ticket to the museum but you have to pay an additional supplement for the cameras even for the hall of the royal mummies.

Be inspired by the central atrium located on the ground floor which is dominated by the statue of Amenhotep III with his wife and children.

The Egyptian museum consists of two floors; the ground floor which includes the works of ancient Egypt ranging from the Greco-Roman era through the middle and the new kingdom and on the first floor there are the rooms of the mummies and those dedicated to Tutankhamun.


We need to check the Egyptian museum timetable before visiting 

Monday to Wednesday: 9.00am to 7.00pm.

Thursday and Sunday: from 9:00 to 21:00.

Friday and Saturday: 9.00am to 4.00pm.

The price value

Morning shift:

For adults you pay 160LE and the reduced rate is 80LE and to enter the hall of the mummies you pay 180 LE and there is a supplement for taking photos: 50LE.

Afternoon shift:

For adults you pay 220LE and the reduced rate is 110 LE and to enter the mummy room you pay 225LE and there is a supplement for taking photos: 50LE.

How to organize a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo?

If you want to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo or the new Egyptian museum, we offer you a trip to Egypt with an Italian speaking guide visiting the pyramids and the sphinx and the Egyptian museum.

If you need a vehicle to extricate yourself from the chaotic traffic of the capital, we are ready to provide you with a private vehicle equipped with air conditioning, from Cairo itself and from Giza. 

The Egyptian Museum, among its many treasures, contains a session entirely dedicated to the custody of the mummies of the pharaohs found in the famous tombs and there is also the treasure of Tutankhamen. Members of the nobility and high officials often received the same treatment, in exceptional cases also given to ordinary people.  

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By Kate Clark

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