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The Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of the Egyptian rulers

Valley Of The Kings Luxor is a place or archaeological site where the modern myth of ancient Egypt had a beginning, proponent of the revival of this ancient civilization was Howard Carter , through his discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun , complete with all the treasures with which he was buried, occurred in 1922. It was found less than 3 km from the west bank of the Nile .

Valley Of The Kings Luxor was a new beginning for the new kingdom of pharaonic Egypt and was thus a test and initiative for the presence of furnished and rock-cut tombs for the kings of the XVIII, XIX and XX dynasties. it is discovered that at least 26 of the 32 rulers of the aforementioned dynasties were buried in the Valley of the Kings. We cannot deny the burial chamber or burial chamber which was an object for decoration as ancient pharaohs always did this practice starting from the 19th dynasty up to (Ramesses I) and you can also find tomb number 7 which is located in the valley of the kings and is considered the final resting place of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II.

The fame and celebrity of this discovery which spread quickly around the world, led to a new era of tourism, as the treasures of Tutankhamun traveled around the world, inspiring a new and widespread interest, surrounded by an aura of romance , for the history of Ancient Egypt and attracting more and more people to the cradle of this civilization.


Valley of the kings what to see

The valley itself doesn't appear particularly spectacular at first glance: nothing more than a sun-drenched gorge of reddish rock, but below ground level are the valley tombs of some seventy pharaohs. Excavations in some points are still ongoing, but a large part of the tombs are already open to visitors, the entrances are organized according to shifts to allow both visits and restoration activities to continue. 

The precious wall decorations that cover every single centimeter of the walls of these tombs are well worth a visit, even in the hottest periods, which can be a great challenge but worth facing.


Things to know about the valley of the kings

It is certainly useful to know that the most famous tombs are not necessarily the most suggestive, it is important to inquire about the tombs in advance, so as to be ready to choose, since a ticket for the Valley of the Kings will allow you access to only three tombs. A separate ticket is also required for entry into Tutankhamun's tomb, although you may find it a little disappointing when compared to some of the other tombs on the site, the reason obviously being the celebrity of this tomb. 


Tutankhamun was in fact a relatively minor pharaoh, what made him famous is actually the fact that his discovered tomb was the only one in the valley discovered with its contents still intact and intact inside, the very famous and magnificent funerary mask, emblem of Ancient Egypt's wealth and elegance, and the hoard are now on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo . In fact, according to Egyptologists' research they have confirmed that Tutankhamun's tomb is the only tomb that has not been stolen by tomb robbers.


The number of tombs that have been discovered within the valley of the kings is 64 tombs such as the tombs of Ramses and Seti le Tuhotmos . And the valley of the kings hosted all the burials of the mortuary temple which was divided from the tomb and dug into the rock of the heights of the Libyan range which surrounded the vast plain of Thebes.


Make sure to get your ticket at the office on the west bank before arriving in the Valley of the Kings. Tickets for each site on the west bank can only be purchased there, if in doubt you can always refer to a guide, who will also be able to complete your visit with interesting anecdotes and historical information. 

It is useful to know that it is not possible to take pictures inside the tombs, do not forget to bring something to cover your head and enough water, the area is desert and includes a large area. 


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The vastness of the heritage

The vastness of the heritage found in the Valley of the Kings has kept archaeologists busy for almost two centuries, just think that even if all the tombs on the site were open to visitors, a completely exhaustive visit would not be possible in any case, but this problem, at least for the moment, it does not arise, due to the excavations still underway within many of them.


The tourism authorities have foreseen the opening of only some tombs for a certain period of time, at pre-established times, so as to allow continuity between the maintenance cycle, the restoration works and the visits. In any case, some tombs are open throughout the day. We recommend that you consult your guide to make sure which monuments are actually accessible.


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