The most beautiful beaches in Marsa Alam

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Are you thinking about having an amazing beach holiday in Egypt 2020 but don't know where to go and what to visit in Egypt to enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea? Then this article is for you, we have selected for you the 6 most beautiful beaches in Marsa Alam to visit on your trip to Egypt:


Here are the 6 beaches of Marsa Alam to visit:


 El Nayzak

 Marsa Mubarak


 Port Ghaleb




It is considered among the most beautiful and most famous beaches in Marsa Alam if you plan to spend a relaxing and natural holiday in front of the white and serene sand and thanks to its magical waters, this beach has become an unmissable attraction for diving and to see rare types of fishes and some colorful coral reefs and has another name “Hankorab beach” as it is located inside the Wadi EL Gemal nature reserve 65 km from Marsa Alam

2- El Nayzak

Surely you don't know why it's called that? I'll tell you!. It is a very famous site in Marsa Alam and most of the hotels in Marsa Alam always try to provide an opportunity to visit this beach and take photos in front of this place. It is called El Nayzak because they say that once the meteorite caused this shape in the sea and it is very difficult to get to this beach without a guide

3- Marsa Mubarak

Paradise beach is a suitable beach for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and diving under the serene water which is full of different kinds of fishes with coral reefs. This beach offers their visitors dolphin shows and water birds flying above the sea


If you are planning to visit Marsa Alam in summer, do not forget to visit ABU DABAB bay beach as it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is located 35 km north of Marsa Alam, also known as Atom Bay. 

5- Port Ghaleb

It is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Marsa Alam, thanks to Kuwaiti investments dating back to the mid 90s, the beaches of port Ghalib are a very favorite destination for foreigners who visit the Red Sea for diving and organizing trips of yachts and participate in some international boat competitions and other forms of fun and entertainment.


Have you heard before about a giant tree standing in the middle of the water? It is EL QULAN beach that has been able to attract the attention of visitors who see this beach for the first time. You will see and do many things in this beach: go diving, visit the Wadi El Gamal reserve, take photos with the colorful coral reefs and many other things to do.

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