The Pyramids of Egypt

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The pharaohs were the key secrets to create an ancient Egyptian civilization and the Egyptian pyramids were the first secrets to be discovered, read this step by step article to explore every detail and how the Egyptian pyramids were built even though they were in very weak times regarding the technology and civic development.

Where are the pyramids located in Egypt?

They are a part of the giza necropolis complex and were built between the years 2480 -2550 before christ and are located in the city of giza  and located in the giza plateau and include three ancient pharaonic pyramids: the pyramid of cheops  which is the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Chephren and the Pyramid of Menkaure.

 All international Egyptologists have discovered that the brain and modern science were used even if they were in ancient times to build this giant building without using more modern and faster methods.

The second part of this article, we will tell you about the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and how they used their physical strength and mental intelligence to form this wonderful story. And then we conclude the article with a brief summary for each pyramid.

There are also other pyramids at Saqqara which are attributable to the 3rd dynasty and there are also at Dahshur such as the Step Pyramid and the Red Pyramid and the Rhomboid Pyramid.

How were the Egyptian pyramids built?

Even though I'm writing this article this question came to my mind!. Did you know that the construction lasted for 24 years and there were around 20,000-30,000 men who helped build this building.

Some say that the slaves gave support for the construction process but that is not true because the farmers used this opportunity to not pay taxes and get free food and clothes in return they have to offer a hand to finish the construction. Limestone was used to cover the outside and the top was covered in gold but it may have been stolen.

The stones were hauled from one place to another via a lubricated beam and to lift the large stones, they built brick ladders and the ancient Egyptians were able to extract the stone blocks from quarries 

Why were the pyramids built?

These ancient wonders were among the seven wonders of the ancient world and are considered among the 5 most famous and largest pyramids of Ancient Egypt and there are so many secrets to explore thanks to this article and through this legend it highlights the ancient Egyptian pharaonic art in a great photo that leaves you speechless.

Now let's see how the Egyptian pharaohs managed to build them and what was the fundamental secret and why they thought about building this marvel. 

Some historians have confirmed that the reason they built the pyramids was to build tombs to save their mummies from destruction according to the tradition of the pharaohs and other historians say that the reason was to generate hydroelectric power using science and technology. natural energy by deciding to build them above the Nile .

The construction lasted about 20 years and we also confirm that there are many mysteries to tell and to discover.

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The pyramid of Cheops

It has very large dimensions and a height and width much greater than the other two, it includes many ambiguous rooms for the pharaoh Cheops and after the death of his father "in Senefro".

Pharaoh Cheops became the king` who ruled Egypt, this gigantic pyramid has 2.3 million stone blocks weighing 2.5 tons each

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The Pyramid of C


Afterwards, the pyramid of Chephren is considered to be the second pyramid in height and width and size after the pyramid of Cheops. Chephren was the son of Cheops.

The height of the pyramid used to be 143 meters but now it is 136 meters as it depends on the nature and the temperature and with the passage of time everything has been changed, that king had carved the sphinx according to the one mentioned in the Egyptian history, this pyramid was built over an area of 215 m squared.

The pyramid of Mycerinus

It was built by King Mycerinus who was "the son of Chephren" and is the smallest pyramid compared to the other three pyramids.

Mycerinus had decided to build the lower part of the pyramid from granite which was brought from Aswan via the Nile River and inside this pyramid was found a wooden coffin on which is the written name of Mycerinus.

Why is it illegal to climb the pyramids?

A very common question from people or travelers who always look for Egypt on the internet, especially this question. Why is it not possible to climb the pyramids in Egypt?

Surely it is not possible to do this for the reasons of security and privacy for Egyptian history and to save the Egyptian monuments from collapse. Also it is an illegal thing to do so it is not advisable to try to sanctify them according to the Egyptian constitution.

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By Kate Clark

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