The Church Of Santa Barbara

Posted On : 22/02/2023 Kate Clark 50
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"Sitt Barbara" is a place of Christian worship dating back to the fifth century, of modest dimensions and of great historical importance located in the heart of ancient Cairo, the Coptic quarter of the city, between the famous Coptic Museum and east of the Babylonian fort. The fine architecture of the small church is 1.42 meters or 4.66 feet below ground level and is reached by descending a few stone steps and its rectangular plan measures an area of 26.60 by 15 meters.

The building houses important icons and relics of the martyr, while the rest of the original treasures have been transferred to the nearby Coptic Museum. According to tradition, the saint to whom she is dedicated was born into a rich pagan family in the third century, originally from Nicomedia (Asia Minor) by which she was killed because she converted to Christianity through the Egyptian scholar Origen.

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