Temple Of Khnum

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Esna is the modern name of the site formerly known as Iunyn or Ta-Sened and in Ptolemaic times Latopolis Magna. This locality hosts an agricultural village on the west bank of the Nile, a few kilometers south of an interesting dam built in 1906. Today Esna attracts tourist interest for the Temple of Khnum and the adjacent necropolis, once consecrated to Khnum, the god represented with the head of a ram, who created men out of clay by molding them on his potter's wheel. The structure, dating back to the Greco-Roman period, is partly buried in a sort of moat in the center of the city. Although it is one of the last temples built in Egypt, it is less intact than other monuments built centuries earlier, and retains only the hypostyle hall, which is however well preserved. Its ceiling is supported by 24 columns with floral capitals. A decoration with an astronomical theme, with a large zodiac, decorates the ceiling, while among the wall reliefs one can observe the sovereign catching wild birds with nets.

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