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Sharm el Sheikh where it is

Sharm el Sheikh What to see

Curiosity and nature and beauty of Sharm El Sheikh

What to do in sharm el sheik

Sharm el sheik beaches and sea

Sharm el Sheikh where it is

Historically, Sharm El Sheikh is the imaginary paradise of Sinai and the most attractive site to visit in Egypt, located at the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheik and Naama Bay are some of the most popular beach destinations in all of Egypt. Their fame has grown over the last thirty years as a seafront with a high-sounding reputation, due to the lively nightlife and for their characteristic mild climate throughout the year.

It is always a recommended destination for foreigners who would like to visit Egypt especially Italians, it is a tourist city and an ideal place in the prime position and full of beaches with luxurious 5 star hotels and there is also the place which represents the beauty of the nature which is called "theRas Mohammed National Park " is a nature reserve, protected area with a very serene and natural white sand and sea and has the aim of saving the lives of different kinds of rare animals living all over the world. 

Sharm el Sheikh What to see 

Pharaoh's Island

Another place located in "Sharm El Sheikh" is called "The Pharaoh's Island" is located in the gulf of Aqaba , this island has a very deep history to discover and visit, it was first built by the crusaders to stop the pilgrims moving from one place to another, through this island you can have a look at Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, truly every tourist when visiting Sharm El Sheikh must must visit the island of pharaoh, through this island you will be able to discover many secrets related to history.

Sharm el Sheikh and Naama Bay offer a wide range of activities, from sailing to windsurfing, to excursions on glass-floored boats to admire the seascape without necessarily having to dive. From Sharm it is also possible to organize direct trips into Sinai, including desert safaris and excursions to Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery.

Don't forget to visit the old market or as they say “The ancient city”, the old market is one of the most famous and oldest markets in Sharm where there are quite a few shops selling all kinds of products and different coffees with a unbearable and the security situation in this market is very stable.

Sharm el Sheikh is served by an international airport which makes it easier to travel to and from Egypt, as well as within the country itself. It will be easy to organize day trips or longer excursions to the main tourist attractions of the country, such as the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo or the ancient ruins of Luxor .

Curiosity and nature and beauty of Sharm El Sheikh 

Due to its beautiful climate and beautiful nature which attracts tourists from all over the world, Sharm has become very popular in tourism. Winter is the ideal season for those who want to know when to visit Sharm El Sheikh and you can also visit it in the summer without any problems, spending a relaxing holiday.

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What to do in sharm el sheik

If you are passionate about nature and its beauty or if you like snorkeling in the red sea and scuba diving or if you are a sportsman who can jump mountains and watch coral reefs under the sea and see all kinds of fishes and taking the photos under the sea as a memory to remember then you are in the right place in the right city I recommend you to visit Sharm el Sheikh egypt you can do all these activities in 7 or 8 days with us.

This remarkable city has a main road between the shore and the mountains, this hotel-heavy area offers an endless number of accommodation options, cafes, restaurants and clubs. The proximity to the dive sites is a fundamental advantage, and most of the hotels actually organize dives and snorkeling tours.

European tourists flock to this location throughout the year, but their presence increases especially in winter and early spring, before the summer heat becomes too intense.

A few kilometers to the south is Ras Mohammed National Marine Park, a marine protected area offering some of the world's outstanding marine scenery; here are specimens of all marine species present in the Red Sea. The number of boats allowed to transit through the park is limited daily, so as not to disturb the fauna that lives there and to avoid excessive crowding. 

Sharm el sheik beaches and sea 

Sharm el sheik is a tourist destination full of the best beaches that allow you to enjoy a panoramic view between the sea and the colored coral reefs and nature like the mountains by taking advantage of the 5* hotels in Sharm El Sheikh with services at your complete disposal.

We have created a list of the best beaches to visit in this beautiful city:

Sharm el Sheikh : is the main beach in Sharm el Sheikh

Naama Bay : It is a sandy beach suitable for any type of sport. 

Bereika Beach: Where you can spend a relaxing holiday with children

Ras Um Sid : It is a public beach that allows you to see the coral reef.

Khashaba Beach : It is located within the Ras Mohammed National Park

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