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The tourist value of Sahl Hasheesh

First of all, Egypt is a destination always preferred and chosen by Italians or other nationalities all over the world who want to spend their holidays in Egypt , not only Sahl Hasheesh is a very beautiful attraction but also Cairo and Luxor , Aswan and so many other attractions that rob the heart of the tourist when they see the Egyptian pyramids and the Egyptian museum and the sphinx and Khan El Khalili market

Sahl Hasheesh Egypt is an Egyptian resort town on the Red Sea , just about 20 km away from Hurghada , 18 km south of the airport. This location is renowned for being home to an extensive resort complex. The homonymous bay extends for over 12 km of immaculate beaches, of which 9 km are suitable for bathing, it also includes a series of small islands and is enriched by the ever-present coral reef.

It is the longest stretch of beach on the Red Sea. The precious and fascinating depths have allowed to start a prolific underwater activity, wherever it is possible to try diving or simply snorkeling, the largest coastal perimeter on the Red Sea

A trip to Egypt is always a highly recommended and new idea for those who want to visit the Red Sea in the New Year holiday in Egypt especially Hurghada and Marsa Alam and Sharm el Sheikh and it would be much better to plan a visit to Sahl Hasheesh to admire the tourist climate on the sea.

Abu Hasheesh the father of grass 

The area is even smaller than Gouna but is not lacking in attractions and points of great interest. One of the advantages of being so small is that you can quickly and comfortably reach any part of your interest even on board a golf cart. 

The entire complex is equipped with a service called "Plug-and-play" where golf cars can be recharged. The nearby resort of Abu Hasheesh Island includes a marine reserve.

Abu Hasheesh (literally "father of grass", a more effective translation would be "he who has grass") is located a few kilometers off the coast of Makadi Bay. It is the perfect place for diving if you are a beginner, as the seabed is very shallow. 

The name of this locality is due to the fact that the seabed in this area of the Red Sea is rich in algae. The seabed is sandy and descends gradually until it meets the coral reef which is instead characterized as a rapidly falling wall. Diving is usually done along the barrier from north to south if the current permits it. This area is of course also perfect if you just want to relax and enjoy the seabed by snorkeling.

What to visit and see in Sahl Hasheesh

The complex contains a series of hotels with direct views of the beach, apartments, villas, retail shops and shopping centers. The "old area" of the town provides services for shopping, catering, connection to the beaches, the main square and "the sunken city" (the Sunken city, an artificial coral reef for diving and snorkeling, inspired by the "lost city of Atlantis". Most resort hotels have a diving center on site. 

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The beauty of nature in Sahl Hasheesh

Almost impossible to resist the temptation to take a look at the Sunken City, the legendary sunken city. It is located a few meters from the shore and consists of a labyrinth of structures and columns aimed at reconstructing ancient underwater temples. Particularly fascinating is to observe the rich underwater fauna and flora in such a context. This series of structures attracts a large number of colorful underwater species which are great to watch as they make their way through the sunken alleyways and rocks. Highly qualified professionals will be happy to introduce you and your travel companions to the joys of exploring the sunken city.

The route takes about an hour and the price is ten dollars, you can dive from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The children will then be delighted to observe the region's new fish playground. 

There are many attractions that make Sahl Hasheesh a jaw-dropping visual experience, however it is the massive stretch of sea that dominates all the senses. 

The aesthetic and logistical vision of the place is completely innovative, everything is managed with a new standard of excellence compared to other local tourist cities. Traditional Egyptian architecture is perfectly combined with more modern and European-inspired features.

To get a good view of the shoreline, take a stroll along the 489m jetty which leads gloriously out to the pristine blue sea. The pier is also the perfect place for a romantic stroll with your loved one.

A new but constantly growing reality, it promises very well if we consider that the "good morning starts in the morning", will certainly be a new pole of attraction for internal and external tourism thanks to the high standards of services and quality.

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