Ras Mohammed National Park: Treasures of the Red Sea

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Ras Mohammed National Park, Gulf of Suez

Ras Mohamed National Park is located at the meeting point of the Gulf of Suez with that of Aqaba, at the southern tip of Sinai , about 20km south of Sharm el Sheikh. Ras Mohammed Park is a park in the desert and includes 2 islands, Tiran and Sanafir, these two islands are very famous in the red sea and Italian tourists always ask to visit these two extraordinary islands for their natural beauties and the serenity of the sea and entertainment center is located in Tiran and Sanafir where you can see and feel a new experience with outstanding relaxation in the holiday especially in Egypt Christmas and New Year.

Unique park, magical lake, unforgettable place

Ras Mohamed National Park was built in 1983 and covers 480 square km and is a very different and unique park as it has a unique ecosystem in the world to observe.

Considered as a magical lake due to its natural beauty that allows you to discover Egyptian nature and its magical must-see, a very recommended place for those who like to take pictures to download on Facebook or Instagram or as a memory for your travels in Egypt .

What you can find inside Ras Mohammed National Park?

The Ras Mohamed area was named Marine National Park in 1983. The Ras Mohammed National Park is a sea and land nature reserve which extends over an area of about 480 km. The arid desert terrain is characterized by sand dunes, mangrove lakes, gravel plains, desert bays, fossilized corals and granite mountains and is home to numerous animal and bird species: Dorcas gazelles, Nubian ibex and red foxes, as well as teens , herons, seagulls and ospreys. The underwater ecosystem is a marvelous explosion of life: about two hundred species of coral, a thousand species of fish, forty-five species of starfish, twenty sea urchins, about one hundred molluscs, two hundred crustaceans and only two species of turtles, the tortoise green and the hawk-billed tortoise.

Ras mohammed national park is known throughout the world for the extraordinary beauty of its coral reef, considered one of the most spectacular in the world.

Inside the marine park there are many sites that offer spectacular diving such as Shark, Ras Ghozlani, Jack fish Alley, Za'atar and Yolanda.

How can I get to Ras Mohamed park?

You can reach the park via several ways: by land or by sea from most of the Red Sea tourist spots such as Sharm el Sheikh , Dahab , Nuweiba or Hurghada .  you can make splendid excursions in the Ras Mohamed National Park with very special prices while enjoying a very satisfactory quality for our tourists.

Before visiting Ras Mohammed national park, we recommend you to bring a professional camera to take pictures for the rare animals which cannot be found anywhere in the world, this is a very different and unique thing which can distinguish the park. from any park in the world. Being a god-given nature reserve, in the national park there are different types for the colorful coral reef, regarding its climate it is always in the hot summer and medium in the winter for this reason it is a very attractive and splendid place. worldwide.

Environmental scientists confirmed that there were many landslides i.e. earthquakes which formed water caves under the island so that it caught the attention of people's eyes all over the world.

The most important secret of Ras Muhammed park to know

The reason why they named the park as Ras Mohammed national park saw that it has a shape of a head of a triangle and its base formed by the South Sinai range of mountains , and others say that due to its nature that  made up of the sea and the mountains and the desert, he took the form of a man with a beard.

Finally, if you are passionate about nature and you like diving and spending your Christmas holidays in front of the sea, the national park is the most suitable choice for a person who wants to breathe serene air.

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By Kate Clark

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