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Egyptian pyramids are one of the most famous and historical monuments in Egypt and all over the world, they were built by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs in 2630 BC in the city of Giza .

The pyramids demonstrated the power and will of the pharaohs in architecture and economic and architectural development apart from the nature of the period in which the Egyptian pharaohs lived and even if there were no technical possibilities and human resources that can help the pharaohs to make an architectural development in Egypt, the pyramids are three: the pyramid of Cheops , the pyramid of Khafre , the pyramid of Menkaure .

Before we start discussing our topic, which is Pyramid of Mycerinus and how it was built, we will explain the Egyptian mythology of our Egyptian Pharaohs in Egyptian Pyramids construction. You can book an Egypt trip which might be the best trip in your life and the best vacation. 

Information on the Pyramid of Menkaure, The Minor Pyramid

The pharaohs believed that there was eternal life after death and they also believed that there was an afterlife, for this reason the extraordinary pharaohs decided in this period to build a place or temples through which death can be saved and the corpses. 

The idea itself came thanks to their traditional beliefs which are absolutely not correct according to religion and science, they were 3 completely different pyramids according to the height and length and volume and shape and each pyramid was built by a king ` different from the other .

Pyramid of Mycerinus: History and Myth and secrets

The third and smallest of the Great Pyramids of Giza is attributed to Pharaoh Menkaure (Mycerinus, in Greek). This structure is thought to have been completed in the late twenty-sixth century BC

Menkaure, like the other pharaohs responsible for building the other pyramids at Giza, ruled Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty, Old Kingdom period. Menkaure is believed to have been the successor of Khafre, who is responsible for the second pyramid and the Great Sphinx , although other accounts refute the archaeological evidence supporting this theory.

That pyramid had an original height of 215 feet, today it is reduced to 204 by the removal of some structural elements. The lower section of the pyramid is clad in pink granite, while the upper section is Tura limestone like other pyramids found at Giza and other sites.

Pyramid of Menkaure - Egyptian art and form

 Archaeologists believe the pyramid was never completed because some of the remaining granite facing at the base of the structure was not finished. A deep incision is found on the northern face of the pyramid.

This sign is attributed to the Ottoman ruler Al Aziz bin Yusef , who ruled Egypt during the 12th century, and who ordered the demolition of the pyramid to reuse its blocks in other works. The demolition work began with the pyramid of Mycerinus, but it was impossible to complete the task. After eight months of work, only the currently visible crack was created.

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Secrets you've never heard of the pyramid of Menkaure

1- Its height reaches 65 and a half meters and measures 103.4 meters and the total volume equals 250 thousand m³.

2- Egyptologists have discovered that the pyramid of Menkaure was built from brick that was found in the  western Egyptian desert of the Nile River as the sun sets directly behind the pyramid.

3- Inside the pyramid of Menkaure there was a coffin for an unknown king which was in the Pharaonic era and was made from Basalt stone which was found in the gulf of Baskay and was transferred from Egypt to England .

4- According to the research and statistics which was done recently by a technical method by which they used the mud and heat and then impacted the mud into the wooden molds and then fixed them by the heat of the sun and then gave a special shape to the stone of the pyramid.

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