Museum of Islamic Art

Posted On : 27/02/2023 Kate Clark 50
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The collection exhibited in this museum is a reflection of the sumptuous past lived by Cairo since the Muslim conquest, consisting of a large collection of artifacts that bear witness to the influences that have characterized the various eras of the history of Islam. Although it has never been a traditional tourist destination, partly due to its recent opening after ten years of renovations, the museum boasts a very rich heritage, including architectural elements and related decorations, from the monuments and mosques of Cairo to Persian manuscripts, handicrafts and finely crafted carpets from Turkey to Morocco. 

It is worth visiting this important site to appreciate the beauty of the artistic style of Islamic culture and its forms, elaborated by circumventing the Koranic rule according to which the representation of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is prohibited, in the development of very fine ornamental skills in the creation of forms geometric and floral. The museum is located in Sharia Port Said, on the border between Downtown and Islamic Cairo.

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