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Where is Marsa Alam Egypt?

Marsa Alam is located in southern Egypt along the east coast of Egypt. It overlooks the Red Sea  on its western shore. Located exactly 270 km south of Hurghada , and 132 km from El Quseir, in the vicinity of Edfu . Thanks to its tourist position, Marsa Alam has become one of the most pleasant and admirable places on  the Red Sea and always has an unmissable nature and an always preferable destination for tourists planning a trip to Egypt . Marsa Alam is part of the Red Sea which occupies a large area of the Eastern Desert in Egypt

In recent years, Marsa Alam is considered a destination with ever increasing tourist visits and the number of visitors and bookings which are ever increasing due to the successful development in infrastructure and its beaches. This article which talks about Marsa Alam and its ideal location and its climate and its attractions has collected different information and different statistics from the sites that work as third parties but they are very reliable and safe. We have used our exclusive information from our tour guides working for Memphis Tours for several years.

Marsa Alam, Miracle on earth - What to see in Marsa Alam?

Just until a few years ago, Marsa Alam was a small fishing village, now transformed into a 100% exclusive tourist resort. Marsa Alam has become a popular tourist destination for those who want to experience a holiday in total relaxation, away from it all, enjoying splendid beaches and an uncontaminated sea and its splendid intact coral reefs and going on safari in the Sahara desert, in the most peaceful absolute.

Marsa Alam offers more than 50 km of fantastic beaches, its desert landscape is truly unique, as well as its sea and the surrounding coral reef with fish and corals and sea turtles. The city, while small, is bustling with small shops, restaurants, a privately owned international airport and a few cafés.

The city has several 5* hotels, each with beautiful private and equipped beaches, with golden sand. Marsa Alam Egypt is undoubtedly considered one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts due to its numerous diving spots which include suggestive caves and a fascinating stretch of coral reef, characterized by great variety and bewitching colors.

Among the most popular beaches in Marsa Alam is Abu Dabab beach. In Abu Dabab turtles are a common sight, it is very easy to come across one of these fantastic creatures by diving or even just snorkeling. For tourists looking to see something less typical, it is an excellent opportunity to observe the varied marine fauna which includes specimens such as crocodile fish and numerous varieties of octopuses. You could also visit a very famous park in Marsa Alam and it is called the protected marine natural park "Wadi el-Gemal" which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. You can also discover the 6 most famous beaches of Marsa Alam and to visit in the holiday.

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Marsa Alam in Egypt 

Marsa Alam also has some internal attractions to visit, such as the emerald mines, popularly called the Cleopatra mines , even if the relationship between these mines and the famous and charming queen is not proven, who, as reported by historical sources, seems to particularly appreciate emeralds. We cannot forget to pay a visit to the Bedouin village in Marsa Alam in order to have a Bedouin experience and always get some very interesting secrets.

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How to get to the sea of Marsa Alam?

It is very easy to get to Marsa Alam, there are several possibilities. As mentioned, the city has a recently opened airport (inaugurated in 2003, it has favored the influx of tourism, previously hindered by the distance). You can reach this paradise from Cairo in 2 ways:

Approximately 2 hour domestic flight from Cairo International Airport .

With direct buses from Cairo (about 12 hours), there are several companies that operate this service.

Temperature marsa alam

Despite being more than 217 km north of the tropical zone, the city experiences a hot desert climate, with more stable temperatures than those in the north such as Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh . Marsa Alam, Kosseir and Sharm el-Sheikh have the warmest night temperatures of all other Egyptian cities. Average maximum temperatures during January range from 22 to 25°C and in August from 33 to 40°C.

The temperature of the Red Sea in this resort during the year ranges from 22 to 29 ° C. 

The highest record temperature ever recorded is 45 °C, recorded on May 10, 2010, while the lowest record temperature is 5 °C, recorded on January 3, 2008. 

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