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Posted On : 02/03/2023 Kate Clark 50
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Almost everything you can visit today dating back to Ancient Egypt is dedicated to the Pharaonic royal house. The monumental architectures that the sovereigns of Egypt commissioned have crossed the course of time better than the testimonies of the daily life of the ancient Egyptians both for their significant dimensions and for the materials in which they were made, but the triumphal image of the pharaohs in the temples and Royal tombs around Luxor can get a little repetitive, and might give the false impression that the kings and queens of Egypt were the only inhabitants along the banks of the Nile. A visit to the Workers' Village will be a good opportunity to broaden your gaze on the daily life of the ancient Egyptian population when finds and tombs will be too monotonous.

Deir Al Madinah offers one of the only examples of a well-preserved village near Luxor, home to craftsmen in the service of kings and queens. About seventy families lived here as state workers employed in the business of decorating burial sites. These families were probably wealthy compared to the average population given their highly specialized employment, and the small houses and humble burials found here give a good picture of the daily life of the time. The tombs have beautiful decorations, worthy of the artistic knowledge of these craftsmen, depicting scenes from the daily life of families, in stark contrast to the generic paintings on the afterlife found in the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and in the Valley of the Queens.

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By Kate Clark

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