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Why do I have to visit Dahab?

Dahab , is the magical city in egypt which is located in south sinai , if you prefer to take a trip in the sea and have a look at the beauty of nature like mountains and beaches and hot desert then we highly recommend you to visit this amazing city where you could take a walk in front of the beach along the sea, visit the blue hole which is considered the most risky place in the world where you could dive and watch the coral reef, but be careful you must know and read the complete guide to help you swim and save your soul in the risky moment and be a professional in the field, since it is not a safe place but it is a magical one given by God. 

There are so many secrets to tell about dahab city and there are so many tourist places to visit and being a traveler you should be prepared so much for this trip not to miss out on the fun moments.

What can I do in Dahab to be satisfied with my trip?

Surely your satisfaction will be fulfilled by your trip to Egypt in general because there are so many things to do and so many fun places to visit, this article is a complete guide for you if you want to know more information about Dahab. 

Dahab, a coastal village in the middle of the east coast of Sinai, is now a rapidly growing diving center, offering a wide range of accommodation, starting from hostels for the budget traveler to full service luxury resorts . 

The hotel structures are located immediately behind the beach, between the mountains of the interior of Sinai and the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, from which it is possible to see the shady heights of Saudi Arabia. In the central part of Dahab there is a complex of restaurants and hotels that allow you not to go a long way between the beach and the excellent restaurant service. Further north is a simpler, more relaxed vibe, and further away from the city center other resorts will offer additional privacy. Most of the hotels organize tours to the main diving and snorkeling destinations nearby.

1. Go windsurfing 

It's a very fun sport for those who love to swim and know how to dive, fly in the air watching the sun and wind draw you frankly with the sea cut, it's a very special feeling and must be experienced by all tourist when they visit dahab  and they must necessarily feel this beautiful experience.

2. Go skydiving 

It's A very famous sport all over the world especially in dahab because they offer this service for the travelers because they know its a very fun and attractive thing, watching the fogs from your seat is a specially different adventure, you could also watch the mountains and beaches and the sea and the sea cut during parachuting.

3. Practice yoga and safari

During your trip to dahab don't forget to do the desert yoga on the hot sand with the warmth of the sun and the scent of the sea by doing the meditation in the height of the mountains and then you should do the safari with your friends in the desert by doing the he desert racetrack is a very enjoyable experience that makes you forget the stress of life.

 Dahab was first conquered by Israel since 1967 and then it was liberated in 1982 and from that moment the Egyptian government started and decided to rebuild and improve the infrastructure of this city in order to transfer it to a complete tourist center for foreigners and for tourists.

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