Coptic Museum of Cairo

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Located beside the ruins of the Roman fortress of Babylon, the Coptic Museum offers a unique collection of art pieces and artifacts dedicated to this religious tradition and an exhibition on the history of the Christian religion in Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Church is separated from the Greek and Turkish churches and from the Catholic Church due to the different theological conception of the nature of Christ and the Holy Spirit. The co-opt Christian religion became dominant in Egypt under the Roman Empire, before the advent of Islam in the 7th century. The uniqueness of the path of the Christian religion in Egypt is proudly defended by the Co Opted Church to this day.

The museum houses the world's largest collection of Coptic artwork and artifacts from a period of great change in Egypt's history. The history of the Coptic Christian religion involves the interplay of a vast number of religions and cultures, including the ancient Egyptian deities, the pagan rites of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, the early Christian period and Islam . It will be possible to note the non-randomness of the similarity between the crux ansata - an ancient sacred symbol in the Egyptian religion - and the Christian cross. 

The museum was founded in the 10s of the 20th century. but completed only at the end of the 1940s and damaged by the 1992 earthquake, which was followed by an important restoration process. The richness of its presentation delights the many visitors who go there every year: not only the collections but the building itself embodies the Coptic style, embellished with precious 

inlaid ceilings, vaults, mashrabiya (wooden windows typical of Islamic art) and an elegant internal garden.


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