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Some of us heard before about the city of Aswan and the high dam and the temple of Abu Simbel and Lake Nasser and so many other very nice attractions to visit, in this article you will find everything you want to know about Aswan. Read this article to explore more secrets of ancient Egyptian history!.

Aswan is the historic city in southern Egypt 

Aswan is located on the northernmost cataract of the Nile , Aswan marked the traditional southern border of Egypt with the enemy territory of Nubia, it had great importance in the ancient Pharaonic era from the historical side and the security side when we read the Egyptian history ancient we can see that the city of aswan has contributed a notable role in the history and in the battles against the enemies who wanted to conquer egypt , the river nile also played a very notable role in the economy and politics , aswan is located on the east bank of the Nile, the number of inhabitants is 1,480,284 inhabitants, it is not a small number instead there are many inhabitants living in Aswan.

It is a very favorite tourist destination and requested by tourists thanks to the large number of ancient monuments and statues that wrote a great civilization to study such as the temple of Abu Simbel and the Nubian village and the temple of Fila and to visit to discover the power of the Egyptian pharaohs and how they managed to build a history to be studied up to the present time. In fact, these two civilizations fought over each other's territory and areas of influence for centuries.

Throughout this adversarial relationship, Aswan always remained a border city between the two territories, not only politically, but as an economic and natural intersection, a thriving commercial city and a crossing point between Egypt and the rest of the country. Africa

The Nile Cruise in South Aswan and things to see in Aswan 

In aswan city you can do so many things and visit several splendid sites and especially in holiday in christmas and new year in egypt one of the most preferable things to do in aswan is try a nice nile cruise enjoying the crystal clear water and the pharaonic tombs and the statues and abu simbel temple and fila temple and shopping from aswan market and there are other very important sites to visit 

North of Aswan, the Nile River is navigable for its entire length to the Mediterranean Sea, so overland trade routes, such as caravans from the south, converged there to load their wares onto boats heading north. Egypt and the whole Mediterranean. 

The ideal location of Aswan

Aswan's unique location has continued to influence its history even in the contemporary era. Indeed, during the colonial era, the city was the base for the Anglo-Egyptian military forces aimed at stopping the unrest in Sudan . Later, at the end of the 19th century, Aswan grew in importance as a tourist destination, thanks to its mild winter, especially attractive to European travelers.

Today the city remains one of the major tourist destinations in the country, known for its beautiful Nile landscape and Nubian culture, which still enjoys a strong influence in the south of the country. The controversial construction of the high dam in 1964 had serious consequences on the territory, such as the forced displacement of over 100,000 Nubians who lived along the river bank. Many of these people now live in Aswan and try to support themselves with tourism and the handicraft production of typical artifacts or through other cultural manifestations.

If you have a passion to experience nubian life especially in southern aswan, you can book a sightseeing trip to luxor and aswan to enjoy the panoramic view of the river nile by visiting abu simbel temple and the nubian museum and unfinished obelisk and the High Dam .

The link between Cairo and Aswan 

The latest statistics have confirmed that the frenetic pace of Cairo and the large tourist concentration in Luxor for the numerous monuments of the Pharaonic era, make Aswan a much more relaxed destination. It is in fact the smallest of the main tourist cities, but it is characterized by the quieter and more peaceful presence of Nubian culture. 

Ancient Egyptian history buffs will not want to miss a visit to the splendid temple of Isis, located on an island beyond the old Aswan Dam , and the famous temples of Abu Simbel, a few hours away along the bank of the lake nasser.

What to visit in Aswan?

Aswan is considered to be the southernmost city of Egypt since it is located in northern Egypt and is almost a thousand kilometers from Cairo

Aswan was also the source of the granite used for the construction of most of the monumental works and some of the quarries are now open to tourists, among these an interesting visit would be to the Unfinished Obelisk. Beyond the individual attractions, the authentic beauty of Aswan is contained in the river and in the Nubian culture, embodied in its people. 

Here is a select list to check before visiting the tourist city of Aswan Egypt

Nubian Museum

When we talk about the Nubian museum in Aswan we have to talk about a historical site which combines the Nubian history with the Pharaonic civilization, it is a museum always recommended for tourists, the monuments and statues were made in the Nubian way however they always tell the story of the pharaohs, there are many different monuments from the pharaonic era such as the statue of Ramses II, the husband of Nefertari , the museum is located in the center of Aswan, the street is called hotels.

Philala temple

Philae temple was built during the third century BC, it was dedicated to the goddess Isis, she was one of the most important goddess in ancient Egyptian history, she was consecrated by the Romans and Greeks, but unfortunately due to the flooding of the Nile caused so many damage to the philae temple but fortunately after a few years the big high dam was built to protect the abu simbel temple and other historical temples.

Unfinished obelisk

It is an obelisk which was built 3500 years ago in the south of the city of aswan and stood in its place and was built from the granite quarries, the red granite brought from Aswan was used for the construction of the obelisk, the Its height reaches up to 41 meters and its weight reaches up to 1168 tons, some say that the obelisk was built during the dynasty of Queen Hatshepsut.

There are other monuments and archaeological sites to visit such as Aswan Botanical Gardens, San Simeon Monastery, High Dam, Kalabsha Temple , Abu Simbel.

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