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Have you booked your next  Egypt tour this year? Are you very confused and don't know what to do when you arrive in Egypt, especially Cairo International Airport? Then this article is for you, read your complete Cairo airport guide before arriving in Egypt!

The history of Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is located in the northeast of Cairo, approximately 22 km from the city center.

The history of Cairo International Airport began in the 1940s, when the US Air Force Base Bayn Field was established five kilometers from Almaza Airport to serve the Alliance during World War II.

American forces left the base by the end of the war. In 1945 the Civil Aviation Authority took over the base and assigned it to International Civil Aviation. The airport was named "King Farouk First Airport". At that time, the Almaza airport was dedicated to domestic flights.

The current Cairo airport was inaugurated in 1963 after 6 years of construction, at the time it consisted of two terminals: the II (new), used by major international companies, the I (old) used by Egypt Air.

In 2008 a third terminal was completed where the flights of the most important airlines in the world land and depart, including Alitalia, British Airway, Lufthansa, Emirates, Austrian, Swiss, Klm, Air France, etc.

The airport has exchange offices, banks, ATMs and post offices located in the departure halls. VIP service, trolleys and luggage porters are also available. All terminals host numerous shops where you can make the latest purchases and the duty free area is well stocked.

You can pay in dollars, Egyptian pounds or euros and also by credit card. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes where you can relax while waiting for your flight

Cairo International Airport also offers many special services for the disabled 


Bathroom for the disabled 

parking area 

Special passport control services

The airport also offers meet and greet services on arrival, if you decide to use them, Ahlan service representatives will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on them, then transfer you to the lounges (VIP only) and look after you while you stay in the hall until they have completed the arrival procedures and collected your baggage.

On departure the representatives will take care of everything for you and your luggage while you remain in the lounge and will complete all travel procedures and transfer you to the final gate.

How to get to Cairo airport?

The airport can be reached via Oroba Road from Heliopolis or via the new road, connection to Terminal 3 is possible with the intersection of Ring Road and Suez Road.

You can rent a car, a wide range of international car rental companies operate at the airport, offices are located in all terminals. 

There are several ways to get to your accommodation from Cairo Airport upon arrival. Among the more convenient methods you would probably never think of but there is the option of availing one of the numerous "limousine services".

The collection points are in front of the terminals (curbside). Prices are fixed according to destination and car category.

Category A is luxury limousines (e.g. Mercedes-Benz E-Class), category B is a micro bus for up to seven passengers, category C is a mid-size car (e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer), and category D is the very special and very elegant London Cab.

City buses (all directions from Cairo) and buses to all other governorates (Western Delta, Upper Egypt, Eastern Delta and Superjet) are mostly air-conditioned.

Departures are from the bus station located in the parking area in front of Terminal 1.

Tourists are often harassed by taxi drivers in the arrivals hall. Old black and white taxis usually don't have a meter and prices are negotiated before the journey. White taxis, on the other hand, all have meters.

Consulting the price list of a category C limousine should give you an idea of the upper limit of an honest and acceptable rate.

Prices are moderate and most taxis are new and air-conditioned. Attention if you want to use Uber or Careem, you must know that the drivers of these two companies are not allowed to pick you up directly at the gate, but only in the parking lots.

The ministry of health provides medical facilities to passengers and staff 24/7 and transfers emergency cases to the nearest hospitals by ambulance.

Veterinary checks are also carried out, verifying the certificates issued to the animals and the breeds authorized to enter are monitored to block the spread of diseases or species that would damage the native environment. For all the additional information you are looking for, visit the airport website .

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